Artistic Statement


The reality of the exploitation of boys by older men in late 1990s Hollywood is playing out vividly in the news right now. It is a real world, where boys seeking survival or dreams or both have been exploited and abused, some by passers-by in cars with cash, others by superstars who could grant dreams.

The reality of gay teen anguish, being pushed aside by friends and family for being gay, has also been in the news. Recent announcements about the high suicide rate for gay teens has shocked the nation.

How weak is a family if it can’t absorb the fact that one of their own is gay?

The story of EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE–The Story of a Father and Son is fiction based on fact. Serial killers do kill prostitutes. Fathers do throw away gay sons. Teen gays do flee to the streets to escape and seek survival—and, perhaps, dreams. Old men do exploit needy young boys for their own sexual experience.

This story is unique in movies. It sheds a light on this real world, hidden from our sight. It could help some young people. It could help some parents. The revelation of this reality, as exposed in our thriller movie, could open the eyes of people who might otherwise do the wrong thing about a gay child.

And, the movie EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE—The Story of a Father and Son is entertaining and exciting for everyone.

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