The Screenplay


“Michael’s script is one of the best I’ve read in a very long time. It’s got a terrific story (one that could have gone so wrong at least a dozen times but didn’t,) it’s got loads of heart (in a good way,) it’s got humor (I laughed out loud at least a couple of times,) it’s got genuinely interesting and appealing characters (the lead is especially well drawn and a great role.) Best of all, it’s actually full of good writing. It’s a film that really needs to be made.”

Those are the comments of former Miramax executive Mark Lipsky. (see archive copy) Others in the industry have said similar things about the screenplay EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE–The Story of a Father and Son: John Ferraro at Paramount Classics, Hunt Lowry at Warner Bros., Jason Blumenthal at Sony Pictures, and many others. In the end, it’s a unique story that can only be told by someone particularly passionate — the filmmaker and people who need to see the story made into a movie.

In late 2007, we went into production on the film with star John Schneider in the lead role of the good ol’ boy truck driver father (Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville), but shut down production immediately after shooting only one scene when the then-new Great Recession gutted the portfolios of investors.

When I first began writing the story for the screenplay EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE–The Story of a Father and Son in 1998, I would’ve been astonished to learn that the subject matter could still have an impact now, more than a decade later. Not only is it still true, it is worse. Society is moving too slowly to protect its families in diversity.

EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE is a good screenplay, a thriller drama that is fast-paced and full of good characters. It is an enjoyable movie and will please audiences.

Here’s a scene from EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE that I wrote many years before Mr. McCance and “Dad” said the same thing in real life:


You don’t know what you’d do if you had a boy who come to you saying, ‘Daddy, I’m a queer?’

I don’t know.

Well sure as hell I know. That boy’d be out there with them gayboys, no son of mine, I tell you. Shit.

Your son?

Well, it ain’t my son. But if there were a son…

But it ain’t your son, so how do you really know?

Damn, John, what you talking about? Of course it ain’t my son. But if there was a son…

You’d throw your son away?

Throw Hank away?

Henry ponders for a second, then declares:

No, damn straight. Throw him out. No son of mine!

Damn straight. That’s the way it is. Well, I gotta finish off that truck.


EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE tells the story of a father who was like Mr. McCance and “Dad.” Except this man, his name is John, this man fights to correct the mistakes he made.

The audience is going to be cheering for John by the end of the movie.

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