About Michael R. Barnard, Writer|Producer|Director

Michael R. Barnard

Hollywood, CA


I’ve been in creative production for decades, working on projects that included launching a major-market TV station (Channel 29, Minneapolis), producing location productions with network-quality TV trucks, working with Prince to launch Paisley Park Studios and create his ALPHABET STREET music video and other productions, producing a theatrical feature film with John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville), working at Sundance Film Festival as Special Theater Operations, being Shop Manager on studio feature films, assessing materials for development at Warner Bros. Television, and working as crew, director, or producer on video and film projects of many kinds in many capacities.

An independent Writer|Producer|Director for film, TV/Video and radio. Broad experience includes live event and in-studio TV shows, studio feature films, music videos and more visual content as Writer, Producer, Director, Assistant Director, Floor Director, Camera Op, Sound (mixer and boom), Set Manager, Technical Director, Production Assistant, and other positions.

Development and Production

COLLIER & COMPANY – Hollywood: Co-Producer; family comedy, theatrical release, starring John Schneider, Writer and Director: John Schneider.

EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE—The Story of a Father and Son –  thriller-drama, in development, Writer: Michael R. Barnard.

UNDERTAKINGS – action comedy, in development, writer: Michael R. Barnard.

Short films “HOT CAR,” “THE CAMERA,” “CHELSEA BOYS AND FULFILLMENT,” and several others.

Development projects: NO RELATION (drama, acquired from writer Nate Lottsfeldt), A VENOM IN THE BLOOD (New York Times Bestseller true story of the nation’s only husband-and-wife serial killers, acquired from author Eric van Hoffman), THE FALLS (award-winning drama, acquired from writer Steven Eric Larson), RED SAILS (true adventure, acquired from writer Richard Springer)

Production Facilities

Experienced Producer/Production Manager responsible for video, film, and audio production services and production of projects for:

PAISLEY PARK STUDIOS – Minneapolis, MN: Prince’s full-service film/TV/audio production campus.

MASTER VIDEO PRODUCTIONS – Minneapolis: Full-service independent video production company.

KITN TV CHANNEL 29 – Minneapolis: Full-power broadcast station with production studio (part of the startup team for this new station).

NLC PRODUCTIONS – Minneapolis: Remote video production trucks for network TV production.

TVN PRODUCTIONS – Hollywood: Cable network news program, writing and production.

MICHAEL R BARNARD PRODUCTIONS – Minneapolis, Hollywood, New York City: Independent content creation and production.

Production Crew

In various capacities on productions including:

WARNER BROS. “MARS ATTACKS!” – Hollywood: Producer: Paul Deason, Director Tim Burton.

PARAMOUNT TV’s “BABYLON” – Hollywood: Producer: Jim Herbert, starring Edward James Olmos.

20TH CENTURY FOX’S “BUSHWHACKED” – Lake Tahoe, CA: Producer: David Wizniak, starring Daniel Stern.

CASTLE ROCK’S “LITTLE BIG LEAGUE” – Minneapolis: Producer: Steve Nicolaides, starring Luke Edwards and Jason Robards.

BARRY MCGUIRE’S KIDS FOR KIDS – Pittsburgh, PA: Producer; completed, live concert, syndication.

CELEBRATION – Minneapolis: Producer; completed, live broadcasts of New Year’s Eve variety shows.

GOLDEN GOPHER HOCKEY – Minneapolis: Producer, regional hockey season telecasts.

PRINCE’S ALPHABET STREET MUSIC VIDEO – Minneapolis: Producer, for Prince.

THE BERENGUER BOOGIE MUSIC VIDEO – Minneapolis: Writer-Producer-Director, about Minnesota Twins.

ANGRY ATOM’S REPLAY MUSIC VIDEO – Minneapolis: Writer-Producer-Director-Videographer, for Angry Atom

PRINCE’S BAT DANCE and PARTY MAN MUSIC VIDEOS – Hollywood: Talent Wrangler, for BATMAN soundtrack.

Director, Writer, Reporter for various segments of variety and talk shows (KITN Ch. 29, Minneapolis; WCCO Ch. 4, Minneapolis, KARE Ch. 11, Minneapolis; others), and many broadcast and corporate projects.

Writing Samples (available as .pdf files)

WE DON’T DO NO GHOSTS – Spec script for classic one-hour TV series, MOONLIGHTING.

FRESNO PRODUCTION STUDIO PROJECT – Presentation for a community development project.

BUSINESS PLAN & FINANCIAL PROJECTION – Fundraising discussion for independent feature film.

THE SUNNY SIDE OF GENERATION X – Ghostwritten Op/Ed article for Hollywood celebrity via PR firm.

WORLD VISION NEWS – TV news story about World Vision, the international children relief organization.

PROPOSAL FOR VIRTUOSITY.COM – Analysis and recommendation for Website, 1999.

DESKTOP VIDEO SERVICES ON YOUR HOME-BASED PC – Technical book, published by McGraw Hill.

NATE AND KELLY – Romance historical fiction novel.

Special Projects

SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL Park City, UT: Special Theater Operations; hands-on liaison for talent and filmmakers during their screenings and premieres at Sundance.

COLUMBIA TRISTAR HOME VIDEO – Hollywood: Manager, Domestic Marketing during creation of DVD technology.

WARNER BROS. – Hollywood: Crafted major presentation for highest echelon approval of proposed new division.

KKBT FM 92.3 – Hollywood: Assisted Operations and Programming during three format changes.

AXIUM PAYROLL – Hollywood: Assembled, formatted, and published in HTML 1.0 pay rate data for all entertainment guilds for business-to-business website.

OPERA DIVA – New York City: Assist wealthy international opera diva with career and household estate.

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